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Is Cyber Security a Good Career?

Date: May 23rd 2022

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If you are interested in cyber security, then you will need to have a much more extensive background within IT systems and infrastructure in order to be successful. It is for this reason that many people who are interested in becoming cyber security professionals typically start out as ethical hackers first before they can move forward with their career path.

Ethical hacking provides the perfect platform for someone new to IT systems and infrastructure to get their feet wet and help prepare them for a possible career in cyber security, especially if they find out that this is not the right path for them.

Cyber security is a broad term that does not only encompass ethical hacking but there are many professionals who work in cybersecurity-related jobs.

For example, some people work to protect data from outside threats by using various types of software and hardware systems while others might be responsible for managing the entire IT infrastructure of an organization including any type of software and hardware that is used within the company.

Cyber security professionals might design various policies in order to ensure that their IT systems remain secure while establishing best practices for employees to follow.


Source: https://techcolleague.com/cyber-security-vs-ethical-hacking/


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